Join us for a webinar series on law firm mergers and acquisitions over the course of three sessions. In each session we are joined by different experts in their field who provide practical advice and share their experiences. 

Session 1: Contextualisation and market update

Hosted by Patricia Kinahan from Hazlewoods and Strategy Consultant, Edward O'Rourke, this session provides an overview of the market over the past years, where it is headed and key insights to help you with your own M&A strategy.

Session 2: Valuations and deal structures - am I sitting on a pot of gold?   

With so much activity in the legal sector, one could easily think that there is potentially a lot of value in law firms. However, the old adage of willing buyer, willing seller, and therefore having something that someone else wants, plays true even in this market. In this session, Patricia Kinahan from Hazlewoods and Craig Geraghty from O'Connors discuss valuations, what that means and how to unlock that value.

Session 3: PII and preparing for M&A - buy and sell side

Hosted by Patricia Kinahan from Hazlewoods, Jenny Screech from Howden Insurance Brokers and M&A brokers, David Sparkes from Millbourn Ross and Martin Griffiths from Richmonte Wells, this session explores the heightened market interest in M&A as a tool for growth and succession, including preparing for the process, where M&A works and why, how to mitigate risk, as well as PII implications and options.

Find out more about the Hazlewoods legal team

Our team of specialised legal accountants and tax advisers are here to help you realise your potential and develop new opportunities for your law firm. 

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