You may be founding or expanding your practice, investing in one, or you may simply want to see how your current business may perform in the future.

Whatever you want to do, Hazlewoods can help. By preparing your business plan and financial projections, we can give you a view of the future. It will enable you to test-drive your plans before you take a decision, and consider all options before you make a commitment.

As well as a desirable service for your planning, our support may be essential if you are seeking bank finance. Most banks now require financial projections before they will consider a loan, and a Hazlewoods plan can make a lender feel more confident.

Our detailed understanding of the veterinary industry ensures that every plan or projection from Hazlewoods will give you data you can trust in key operational areas:

  • Expected sales and achievable gross profit
  • Staff costs and other overheads
  • Profit performance
  • Partner/director drawings/income

Reports such as these have helped Hazlewoods clients to secure funding for a variety of projects, from the development of brand new sites to practice buy-ins or buy-outs. We also have close contacts with lenders who specialise in the veterinary profession.

Please do get in touch with the team should you have any further queries or if you would like an idea of our fees.

Case study

Projections for CT scanner

Background: A long standing client was undecided about whether or not to make the leap and purchase a CT scanner for the practice.

How we helped:  We produced some projections, which took into account the initial outlay, future costs and expected income of putting this into place. We also helped guide on how best to fund the new project. This allowed the practice make an informed decision on whether or not to purchase a CT scanner and the potential new income stream this could generate, including when the CT scanner might start paying for itself.

The outcome: Our client now has a CT scanner successfully in place which is proving to be great for the practice’s team development and for client care, as well as improving the practice’s profits. 


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