Many of the decisions you make when you approach retirement cannot be changed. You must get them right first time – and that is why you need Hazlewoods.

Consider the possibilities. If you retire at 60, you may live for another 40 years. During this time, your income needs will change, as may your health and that of those around you. You need to prepare for all the possibilities well in advance.

How will you prepare for retirement? You may wish to gradually reduce your commitment and access your savings. We can advise you on the most effective and tax efficient way to do this. You may be allowed to take a tax free cash sum from your pension plan. We can help you decide whether this is the best choice for you.

Your retirement income may well be funded by an annuity which you purchase when you retire. An annuity remains a good choice – but, if you have a mixture of other savings and investments, it is not the only one. We can help you decide whether you want more control over your retirement income, and will advise you on the options, so you get the best deal and the right features. Even annuities are becoming more liberal, with products now available if you have a medical condition, for example.

Pension legislation is complicated and ever changing. We will advise you on your options before you retire, and help you to maintain your standard of living as years go by.

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