Veterinary update: Spotlight on… Harriet Partridge

The Hazlewoods Veterinary team is made up of individual people that work together towards a common goal. We are putting the spotlight on some of them, so you can get to know us better. The next person in our series is Associate Tax Director, Harriet Partridge.

How did your career with Hazlewoods start and develop?

I joined Hazlewoods back in 2007 as an apprentice studying AAT. I then went on to qualify as a Chartered Certified Accountant before taking my Chartered Taxation exams where I qualified in 2016. I have been with Hazlewoods and in the Veterinary team for 15 years.

What drew you to Hazlewoods originally and what made you continue your career with the firm?

Hazlewoods stood out to me then for the variety of the work covered and in all different sectors. They also had a really good reputation as a local firm. I started out wanting to be an accountant and although I have trained as one, I had the opportunity to move into a tax specialism as (as crazy as it sounds) I like the ever-changing tax rules – they keep me on my toes!

What do you enjoy most about your role?

The variety, no query or answer is ever the same and that also goes for my day-to-day work. There is always something different and there are always new learning opportunities.

Make sure to take the time to fully understand the client’s position. The smallest piece of information can change the position for the worse or the better and also ensures we provide the best service to our clients.

What is keeping you busy at work?

I don’t think I have had a non-busy period at work for a long time, especially working in tax where we have several deadlines scattered throughout the year whilst helping our clients in between. The constant changing of tax rules is something that always keeps me busy.

What should clients be currently thinking?

In tax especially, I always advise clients to think of future plans – where they want to be and what is the overall outcome they would like at the end of the project. It is important to be as tax efficient as possible and for things to work for you now, but if you know what you want it to look like several years down the line, we are able to plan for this and build in tax efficiency now to allow you to be in the position you want to be in several years’ time.

Who would you most like to meet and why?

David Attenborough – I am a huge animal lover and watching him when I was younger was fascinating (and it still is as his current documentaries now are fantastic!) – he must have a lot of amazing stories to tell.

Tell us something we might not know about you?

As well as my daytime job, I am also a dance teacher and teach a few dance classes during the week in evenings. I was a dance teacher prior to joining Hazlewoods and have continued ever since. Many weekends have been spent at displays, shows and competitions!

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