A natural pairing: Hazlewoods supports Fable Investments with minority stake in iconic British perfume brand

Published: Wednesday 28 July 2021

Hazlewoods Corporate Finance team has assisted a new venture capital fund with its first investment - in an iconic British perfume brand.

Fable Investments has bought a minority stake in Perfumer H, a couture fragrance house founded by master perfumer Lyn Harris.

Harris is the only classically trained female 'nose' in the UK. She studied at the School of Perfumery in Paris before furthering her training in Grasse, the epicentre of the French perfume industry.

Operating from a boutique shop in Marylebone, London, Harris has her laboratory on show so that customers can see the craftsmanship that goes into creating a new perfume. Her natural, seasonal scents, used in perfumes and candles, are sold in unique glass bottles, which are individually blown by Michael Ruh and then hand engraved.

Fable Investments, which is owned by Natura & Co., whose portfolio brands include The Body Shop, Avon Cosmetics and Aesop, was set up to support high growth and innovative beauty brands during the early stages of their development.

Perfumer H was Fable's first investment target because of Harris' pedigree and commitment to natural ingredients. In 2016 she was described by Vogue as, “The best and most stylish nose in the British fragrance business."

Hazlewoods carried out financial due diligence for Fable Investments.

Paola Felipak, Principal at Fable Investments, praised Hazlewoods Corporate Finance team. She said: "A huge thank you for your support in the Perfumer H deal. We are extremely pleased with the thorough, thoughtful and timely work that was conducted and certainly look forward to partnering with you again in future UK deals."

Rich Grover, Hazlewoods Corporate Finance Associate Director, said: "It is fantastic to have been able to assist Fable with its inaugural investment. Perfumer H was an obvious fit and the investment will help unlock the full potential of the business – with their natural synergies they have a bright future."

If you are considering buying a business, selling your company or are looking for ways to finance your growth plans and would like to find out more about the process, please contact Rich Grover at rich.grover@hazlewoods.co.uk or call 01242 680000.

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