To bring legal disputes to a swift conclusion, we can provide the right professional advice from the early stages of your case.

Researching, preparing and presenting complex financial arguments calls for an independent, pragmatic approach.

How can we help you?

Your case will be unique and may require a range of forensic accounting services.

By combining accounting, tax, auditing, corporate finance and business valuation knowledge with investigative skills, we can support you with expert witness, valuation, financial investigation and analytical reports across the following areas:

Making a difference

Our forensic accounting service can be tailored to suit your needs. Our accountants and business advisers have a degree of sector expertise, which is very hard to find elsewhere.

From veterinary to dental, charities, to food and drink, we have a wide range of industry experience that will provide you with the knowledge and detail to make a difference in your case.

The leading partners in our forensic team are also members of the Academy of Experts, the Expert Witness Institute, the Compulsory Purchase Association and Resolution - first for family law. 

You will have confidence that you are working with professionals who have witness box experience, are well versed in joint meetings of experts and can provide you with Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) and Family Procedure Rules (FPR) compliant reports. 

Meet the team

To help you with your forensic accounting and litgation requirements, our team have a range of experience as well as the ability to draw upon indepth sector expertise. View more detailed versions of their forensic CVs here: 

Case experience

Although your case will be entirely unique, to give you an idea of what we have dealt with in the past, you can view just some of our case experience here:

Professional negligence

Background: The Claimants had participated in tax avoidance schemes over many years most of which were sucessfully challenged by HMRC.

Recovery of the losses arising was sought from the Claimant's accountants and Hazlewoods was appointed as the Defendant's expert adviser.

The report covered the technical aspects of the scheme, relevant case law and legislation and quantification of the claim at various stages of the case.

Mediation resolved the matter.

Testimonial: Ruth is efficient and can be relied upon to work within realistic cost budgets.

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Matrimonial disputes

Background: The value of each parties share of two property investment companies was required involving tax calculations on a total of ten properties.

The parties also held two futher properties directly and the expert report was needed to try to determine which properties should be sold to achieve financial settlement.

Testimonial: The team were extremely efficient and responsive, with all deadlines being met comfortably.

I will definitely be using Ruth and her team again, and cannot recommend them highly enough in cases where excellence, solid valuation evidence, with good service is required.

Loss of profit

Background: We were asked to assess the loss of earnings of a veterinary surgeon following a road traffic accident which left the individual unable to work.

This involved assessing the loss of earnings throughout the individual’s prospective career, initially as an employee, and then subsequently a partnership in a veterinary practice.

This also included a projected loss of value in capital/goodwill the individual would have realised, up to the point of normal expected retirement age.

Testimonial: Ruth provided us with a very comprehensive forensic report in a timely fashion.

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Commercial disputes

Background: A liquidator was claiming a debt owed to a company by an associated building company. That company's position was that this debt was offset by payments it had made on behalf the company in liquidation.

After a detailed review of a large volume of documentation and computer records, a report was produced which resulted in the liquidator withdrawing their claim.

Testimonial: Hazlewoods were instructed to prepare an expert forensic accountancy report in a very short time frame on behalf of a client who was facing void disposition claims from a liquidator.

The team went through a large amount of historic invoices, receipts, bank statements, company books and records to provide an excellent report which contained clear, concise findings. As a result of this report the liquidator agreed to withdraw the claim.

Personal Injury

Background: This was a professional negligence claim against a solicitor for their handling of a personal injury claim.

The report required was an assessment of the losses due to the injury both at the date of the original proceedings and as at the date of the report.

The loss of earnings in various scenarios was calculated as well as the capital loss on the sale of the practice. 

Testimonial: The team were extremely efficient and responsive, with all deadlines being met comfortably.

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Sector expertise

Hazlewoods has a degree of sector expertise, which is hard to find elsewhere. We have developed a number of specialist teams and are renowned for our deep knowledge of our chosen fields. This provides significant benefits to our forensic accounting work, as we have the knowledge and experience required to tailor our service for specific industries.

Featured news

Testimonial from Shane Miller

"Working with Hannah and Holly is a pleasure, they are both very professional and knowledgeable in their expert field. They not only have excellent client care skills, but magnificent attention to detail and ability to challenge reports when needed. "

Testimonial from James Carroll

"Ruth's knowledge and professionalism is second to none, engaging her feels seamless. She is as much a valued member of the team as anyone I work with directly. "

Testimonial from Helen Bowns

"The report was comprehensive. Both I and the lay client were impressed with the way in which the report was set out… Hannah was professional in all of her communications, I would definitely instruct her again."

Testimonial from Jeremy Freedman

"I have no hesitation in recommending Hannah and nominating her whenever called upon to suggest an SJE valuer. She did this promptly, incisively and in a user friendly manner."

Testimonial from Philip Graham

"It was a pleasure working with Hannah within a tight timescale and difficult circumstances. A great job done helping us a the right result – highly recommended."

Testimonial from Stephen Young

"The team went through a large amount of historic invoices, receipts, bank statements, company books and records to provide an excellent report which contained clear, concise findings. As a result of this report the liquidator agreed to withdraw the claim."

Testimonial from Beverley Morris

"Ruth is efficient and can be relied upon to work within realistic costs budgets."

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