Personal losses may arise from accidents, industrial disease or medical malpractice, whilst businesses may suffer substantial losses as a result of matters that are insured.

Hazlewoods can prepare calculations and schedules for inclusion in statement of claims or counterclaims, review and comment on calculations presented, provide expert witness reports and give evidence in court, whilst acting as either single or joint experts. 

How can we help you?

Some of the areas in which we can help include: 

  • Insured financial losses, covering stock and business interruption etc.
  • Accountancy and loss adjusting implications
  • Product and public liability quantum investigations
  • Pension and dependency calculations

Our team combines financial accuracy with clear communication skills so that the logic of quantum calculation is easy to follow.

Personal Injury

Background: This was a professional negligence claim against a solicitor for their handling of a personal injury claim.

The report required was an assessment of the losses due to the injury both at the date of the original proceedings and as at the date of the report.

The loss of earnings in various scenarios was calculated as well as the capital loss on the sale of the practice. 

Testimonial: The team were extremely efficient and responsive, with all deadlines being met comfortably.

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Ruth Dooley
Partner, Forensic Accounting
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Hannah Griffin
Partner, Forensic Accounting
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David Main
Partner, Forensic Accounting and Technical
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