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From concept to market - Watch our webinar

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30 June 2014
Hazlewoods, Wynne-Jones IP and D2M Innovation recently teamed up to look at ways in which IP protection and tax breaks can lead to smarter product development.
The session covered three main topics and featured a case study example:
  • Design and Prototyping Process - Led by Phil Staunton of D2M Innovation
  • The Role of IP in Design and Prototyping - Led by Vicki Strachan of Wynne-Jones IP
  • R&D Tax Credits and Patent Box - Led by David Clift of Hazlewoods
  • Case Study: Product Development - Led by Mark Stewart of Stewart Golf
If you were unable to make the event, or if you simply wanted to find out more regarding each of these topics, videos of the seminar can be found below, along with information about each of the speakers.

Design and Prototyping Process


The Role of IP in Design and Prototyping


R&D Tax Credits and Patent Box


 Case Study - Product Development

If you would like further information regarding R&D Tax Credits or Patent Box, please contact David Clift at David.Clift@hazlewoods.co.uk