HFP Atlantic Row: Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge

Published: Monday 7 December 2020

On Saturday 12 December 2020, an adventure loving crew of four will set off on a 3,000-mile row across the Atlantic as part of the Talisker Whiskey Challenge.

Hazlewoods Health and Care team is proud to support its business communities and networks and is pleased to be sponsoring this great endurance challenge. 

The crew will be raising money for The Human Practice Foundation which builds schools in Nepal. The UK arm of the charity has only recently opened and like all other charities, the current climate has affected the ability to raise funds. The crew are hoping to raise enough money to build two schools in the Taplejung region of North East Nepal.

No stranger to rowing challenges themselves, the Health and Care team took part in their own Rowathon in 2019 on the way to raising an incredible £113,000 for Maggie’s centre in Cheltenham. The Talisker Whiskey Challenge is set to be slightly more wearing on its crew; on average a person loses 12 kilograms during the crossing even though they will be consuming around 10 litres of water and 5,000 calories of food per day.

Crew member Ashley Jones commented: “We’re very grateful to all of our sponsors for helping us achieve our goals for the Human Practice Foundation. We’ll be rowing in 2 hours on and 2 hours off, day and night in a small boat for 35-40 days, and so any support we receive will really help us to keep going.”

Partner, John Lucas, said “We are so pleased to be able to support Ashley and the crew in this incredible challenge. Our 100-mile row seemed like hard work at the time, so it is hard to imagine the determination this will take from the crew and we look forward to following their progress and celebrating their success.”

To show your support and sponsor the team, visit www.hpfatlantic.co.uk.

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