Legal update: Trust Registration Service

Published: Wednesday 16 October 2019

As part of HMRC’s digital strategy, the Trust Registration Service (TRS) was introduced for the 2016-17 tax year requiring the registration of most express trusts with a ‘UK tax consequence’. Trusts with a UK income tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax or stamp duty tax liability are required to register regardless of whether they have previously filed the equivalent paper form (41G). 

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From next year, all UK resident express trusts (and certain non-EU resident trusts) will also be required to register on the TRS. As such a significant number of trusts which have not been registered previously (as they did not have a UK tax liability) will now be required to register. A technical consultation on the detail is awaited, however, it is expected that existing trusts will have an extended registration deadline of 31 March 2021 but, all new trusts created on or after 1 April 2020 will be required to register within 30 days of creation of the trust.

Changes to the service

The TRS form is clunky and a raft of information is required in order to be able to register. Welcomingly, HMRC have confirmed that the form will be updated to a more user friendly version with additional functions including the long awaited ability to make amendments to the data provided. A date for this change, however, has not yet been confirmed.

How we can help

We are receiving an increasing number of requests from legal firms to help register their clients on the TRS. We are happy to assist with this on a one off basis and/or help with updates in future years, as well as trust and estate tax return filings. If you would like further information, please get in touch with your usual contact or Claire Briese at or 01242 680000.