Whether you are expanding internationally, establishing a business in the UK or returning home from overseas, we can help with tailor-made advice. The changing global tax landscape makes it essential for every international business to consider the efficiency of its trading arrangements and structures: we can help you to consider the options and make any necessary changes to reduce your exposure to tax.

Each country has its own tax rules, which interact in different ways with UK law. Through our membership of HLB International, we can introduce you to professional tax and business advisers anywhere in the world. Their expertise will ensure compliance wherever you operate, whilst we use our complementary skills to develop a strategic tax structure that minimises your global tax liability. Naturally, our service also includes all aspects of compliance arising from your international activities.

A common starting point when expanding internationally is the adoption of the appropriate structure: should it be a simple subsidiary or branch, or a new company registered in the host country? Either option has tax implications.

Our advice covers issues such as investment into the UK, overseas expansion, acquisitions and disposals, finance and interest charges, profit repatriation, group organisation, employee location, and VAT. We also identify and advise on complementary matters such as transfer pricing, double tax treaties, corporate residence issues, permanent establishment, and treaty provisions.

Our International Corporate Tax service adopts a global approach that covers all the areas on which business growth depends:

  • Tax management
    Based on an understanding of your specific business, this service guides you through the tax systems that exist in the countries where you operate.
  • Profit management
    This service considers how profits arise in different countries. It can minimise tax cost across the whole group.
  • Cash management
    We can advise on the tax issues that arise when you transfer funds between group members, or repatriate profits and funds to the UK.

All our advice benefits from the input and local insights of our partners in HLB International.

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