The employer dashboard and interactive payslip have arrived.

From small business payroll services, to comprehensive payroll management, our Payroll team and the PayDashboard platform can provide you with an efficient digital service, tailored to your needs.


Safe and secure

Online 24/7

Become salary savvy

All payroll, employee and company data is securely encrypted, following industry best practices./Employees will be provided with their own login details to access their payslip and guidance around the platform.

Both you and your employees have access to reports and payslips anywhere, from your desktop or mobile device.


Understand your tax code and how to make the right choices for your money.

Payroll services tailored to your business

Reduce costs and increase efficiency by outsourcing your payroll management.      

Small reports

Stay in control

Improve retention

Clear management reports alert you to changes or anomalies in your payroll and provide a detailed breakdown of pay elements.

The PayDashboard platform provides a clear summary and detailed analysis of your payroll on an easy to understand dashboard.


The dashboard can be tailored by you to contain only the information you need. 

To drive staff loyalty and to help your employees increase their net pay, PayDashboard educates with impartial, easy to understand information.

Testimonial from Wanda Russell

"The system allows for modular functionality which lets you pick and choose the features that you require to make PayDashboard work better for you. Everything works as before but you can access it at any time of day. Our employees say they like the ability to see everything in one place, at any time. The PayDashboard is something I would recommend to any employer, especially with the support of Hazlewoods staff, as they made set up effortless."

Content image: /uploads/team/unknown.jpg Tony Flambard
Tony Flambard
Partner, Finance and Operations
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Content image: /uploads/team/unknown.jpg Cheryl Baker
Cheryl Baker
Director, Payroll Solutions
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