As an employer, you need to attract, retain and motivate employees, control the overheads they represent, enhance their value to the business and satisfy the demands of complex legislation. Our services will help you to bring all these issues into balance.

How do you recruit, attract, motivate and retain your staff?

Are you aware of the legislative changes to the off-payroll working rules (IR35)

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How can we help you?

We can:

  • carry out a PAYE health check to ensure your systems are compliant and mitigate your risk of HMRC visits;
  • advise on the status of individual’s not employed via the payroll, including consideration of the intermediary, agency and off-payroll working rules;
  • advise on the tax position for UK employees working overseas or non-resident individuals coming to work in the UK;
  • assist with remuneration planning and advise on employee share incentives;
  • review of benefits provided to your employees and help with reporting them to HMRC;


  • review of employee payments to ensure that they are compliant with the national living wage and national minimum wage (NLW/NMW) regulations
  • advise on how the CIS scheme operates and assist with CIS compliance;
  • advise on the tax treatment of termination payments;
  • assist with HMRC enquiry visits and Investigations into PAYE compliance, National Insurance payments and other issues.
  • Payroll Services


Case Study

Health check turns toxic

HMRC has been issuing innocuous looking questionnaires to businesses phishing for information about the health of the business’ PAYE practices and compliance.  HMRC has not been sending a copy of these notices to agents.  A client of ours received such a notice and replied to HMRC directly without speaking to ourselves thinking this would save time and fees.  A poorly informed response to one of the queries on the questionnaire created an opening for HMRC to open a full-scale enquiry into the clients’ affairs, requesting bank statements, full PAYE records etc.  Had the client spoken to one of our employment taxes team prior to submitting their response, we would have been able to provide advice on the areas which the client had left themselves exposed to additional questions from HMRC.  The enquiry was successfully closed without any additional tax being paid, but the client had incurred additional professional fees to resolve the matter.

Case Study

"But we have always done it that way”

A client approached us for an emergency PAYE review to uncover any issues prior to an inspection by HMRC, giving them the opportunity for disclosure if required.  We highlighted an issue with the deductions made from salary payments which took their employees below the National Minimum Wage (NMW).  The client had processes in place to ensure they reviewed the NMW and made adjustments to annual rates etc. where necessary, but a simple misunderstanding of how to calculate the effective NMW potentially exposed the client to significant penalties.  Where legislation changes, the argument that “we’ve always done it that way” will not stand up to scrutiny by HMRC. 


Case Study

Share schemes 

We assisted a client that was not eligible to utilise a tax advantaged share scheme such as Enterprise Management Incentives due to the industry in which it operated, by setting up a growth share scheme.  This allowed employees to purchase shares at affordable values to benefit from the future growth of the company.

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