HMRC collected an estimated £34 billion through its tax enquiries during 2022-23 and opened 299,000 compliance investigations. HMRC also saw total tax revenues rise to a record figure of £814 billion (£82.9 billion more than the previous year).

HMRC could select you for a random tax enquiry regardless of whether you have done anything wrong. Even if HMRC do not find any errors, a basic tax enquiry could typically cost more than £5,000, and last around a year and a half. 

Our Tax Investigation Service means that should you, or your business, suffer an HMRC investigation we can: 

  • provide you with full professional representation from tax and accountancy staff who already know you and understand your tax affairs;
  • handle HMRC on your behalf by dealing with all correspondence and attending all meetings; and
  • negotiate the best possible result for you.

We believe that our Tax Investigation Service provides a lifeline to our clients by providing low cost, but valuable peace of mind, at a time when it is most needed.

The Service

Our Tax Investigation Service is an annual subscription, backed by an insurance policy taken out by Hazlewoods and held with Professional Fee Protection Limited. On subscription to our service, we are able to make a claim for our fees in the event that you are selected for an enquiry by HMRC.

As a quick reminder the Service includes:

  • Protection from defence costs of up to £100,000 in the event that you are selected for an investigation.
  • Directors/partners and their spouses will continue to receive personal protection when a company or partnership takes out a business subscription and we prepare the individual’s tax return.
  • ‘Out of hours’ helpline for unannounced HMRC visits.


 For further details, please contact Fiona Isherwood on 01242 680000 or


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